Misha (Pronounced – “Mee-sha”) comes from an expansive middle-eastern family with very strict religious values which she rebelled against.  She met Oswald when she tried to push him out of the way of a collapsing building, but her spine was crushed in the process.  Although ultimately saved by Shiki, Oswald was impressed by Misha’s sentiment, […]

Garrett Oswald

Garrett Oswald is the scientist responsible for the creation of the cygens, beings created by combining organic and inorganic tissue. With the assistance of a highly sophisticated computer running specialized software implanted in the human brain, a subject can learn to completely control their own cells at will. This allows them to remove usual human […]

Graphical Upgrade

Project Roa is in the process of being relaunched and reborn! To start, we’d like to introduce you to our new graphical style thanks to our new staff member and professional artist, Tito! More will be shared and displayed in the days to come. Come say hello to us at Ohayocon this weekend and get […]

Merry Christmas!

Today we have a special Christmas gift to those that have been with us for all these years!  Enjoy the holidays and look forward to more from us soon!