Aquarius has lived almost her entire life in the water. Her parents, both eccentric marine biologists, intended her upbringing as an experiment; an attempt to make a human being that empathized with sea life more than with her land bound ancestors. They succeeded, but their methods inspired a radical human rights group to raid their lab, and when they resisted they were killed before Aquarius’s eyes. She was placed in the custody of the state, a heavy burden, as she would become violently ill if she were out of the water for long. It wasn’t long before she came to the attention of Oswald, who offered her the chance to become what her parents had always intended for her: a fully aquatic human being. She has a calm but unflinching personality, and can appear almost motherly to those in her care.  Aquarius is able to cycle water through the turbines on her armor and has very high sensitivity toward certain sounds and vibrations allowing her to “feel” the will of aquatic life.