Season’s greetings! We hope you all are enjoying the holidays, no matter where you are. Have a pic of Roa in holiday attire.

There’s also progress in the game development, which we’re more than happy to show you all.

More details as you click.

Animating Roa

Hello Damian here, I completed the run animation and thought I’d share it was all of you.

Head on in for details and to check out her running animation. Of course, that won’t be the only thing we’ll be seeing of Roa in the long run!


You are probably wondering, what’s been going down in the development in the game? Click and find out! A change in the game’s resolution, a change in sprite art style, new equipments acquired, and more!

Now accepting: Backers, donations, plus Ohayocon!

We are one week away from new things to show off for Constancy: Roa at Ohayocon! In the meantime, pre-kickstarter donations are now open! If you’d like to contribute, click the paypal donation button on the left of the main page here and follow the instructions.

Pricing for pre-Kickstarter donors

You can refer to the old kickstarter for pricing purposes for now. We’ll use the early bird pricing for pre-kickstarter donations. Both special and limited editions are eligible for the personalized edition upgrade.

Website Updates

I need input for the site layout, usability, and anything nasty you may come across.

All sorts of updates

Hello everyone Damian here again and I have news on what’s going on with Constancy: Roa.

We’re changing the look of Constancy: Roa!

Today I’d like to show you a sample of how the game is going to look now. We’re going high res!

Dragon’s Crown Stream and Q&A redux!

If you missed the first stream and had questions to ask or just wanted to hang out and have a good time well, you’re in luck! We have another stream set for tomorrow between 4 – 5 pm Eastern Standard time

Dragon’s Crown Stream and Constancy: Roa Q&A stream 4:45 Eastern

Come join us for the Dragon’s Crown stream and Constancy: Roa Q&A today at 4:45 eastern!