Yuimei (Pronounced “you-may”) was born and raised in Chinatown as a half Chinese – half American.  The treatment she received as a result of this made her despise her heritage. She sought ways to disguise her heritage and so she dyed her hair pink with white stripes.  At the age of 14 she fell in with an anti-governmental terrorist group called Red Dawn, and learned to become an explosives expert.  She used these newfound skills to attack government installations.  One day though, she made a mistake.  She found out that a close friend was inside one of the buildings she had set to blow and tried to save them, but failed and was caught in the explosion.  On the brink of death she met Shiki and her sad last words convinced Shiki to let her join the cygen program.  Yuimei is fond of acting cutesy to fool people when she’s being devious.  Her cute appearance hides a genius level intellect and a playful but often times dangerous mind.

Ethnicity : Chinese-American