Selene (Pronounced – “Sa-lean”) is a deeply religious person who grew up with her Amish grandparents.  However, as she got older she began to see technology not as an affront to God but a medium for spreading God’s love, and she eventually ran off to join a radical religious movement.  This cult was eventually raided by the FBI, and in the ensuing firefight Selene was critically injured.  Taken into custody on the brink of death, she survived that night on will alone.  It was then that Freya decided she would make a good addition to their kind.  Upon awakening, Selene realized that she had lost her eyesight.  However, after Shiki allowed her to discover her new ability to hack into various cameras, she found that she could see more than she ever had before.  She believes that her faith saved her and that becoming a cygen was her calling.  Selene is very calm and difficult to anger, as she sees everything as a test of her faith.

Ethnicity : American