Selene (Pronounced – “Sa-lean”) was born into a family that believed in a simple life and simple worship which shunned a technologically advanced society. As Selene grew up she began to wonder if technology should be excluded or could instead be used to spread god’s teachings.  She ended up joining a religion of like minded people which unfortunately became a cult. Eventually, it was raided by the government and in the ensuing firefight she was blinded by a flash grenade and shot through the lung.

Taken into custody on the brink of death, she survived the night through will alone impressing Freya who suggested she become a Cygen.  Upon her awakening Selene realized that she had lost her eyesight.  However, Selene learned she could hack into camera feeds and see through them.  She believes that her faith saved her and that becoming a cygen was her calling.  Selene is very calm and difficult to anger, as she sees everything as a test of her faith.

Ethnicity : American