Roanna Valencia nicknamed Roa (Pronounced – “Row”) was once a sickly girl, trapped in a hospital bed due to a degenerative illness that doctors said would claim her life before she turned 18.  She always admired strong active women especially competitive ones, one in particular she had admiration for was Shiki.  One day, a nurse who pitied her decided to take her to a competitive tournament Shiki was a part of.  There she met Shiki in person which changed Roa’s destiny when Shiki took a liking to the young girl and developed a desire to save her. Though Shiki’s reasons for this where unclear at the time it gave Roa the strength to live on.  Years later Roa was accepted into the Cygen program and successfully converted into a cygen.  Weaker then the other Cygens she was regulated to Shiki’s support. 

Ethnicity : European descent