Misha (Pronounced – “Mee-sha”) Misha comes from an expansive middle-eastern family with very strict religious values. After her father attempted to force her into a arranged marriage she didn’t want she rebelled and ran away from home.  Living paycheck to paycheck and one night stand to one night stand a twist of fate resulted in her meeting Oswald and Shiki the former of who she tried to save from a collapsing building.  Her efforts proved ultimately fruitless as Shiki easily saved Oswald by vaporizing the falling concrete.  Unfortunately she was not so lucky and ended up crushed under the weight of it.

Misha managed to survive but with a broken spine and partially paralyzed.  Though ultimately it was Shiki that saved him Oswald was impressed by Misha’s selfless act, and gave her a choice.  Either she would go back to her old life good as new, or she could enter the Cygen program and have a chance to become the person she always wanted to be, she chose the latter.  Capricious and promiscuous by nature Misha is almost entirely ruled by her desires.

Ethnicity : Middle-Eastern