Aria (Pronounced “Ar E ah”) came from a rich influential family in New York. She was the most popular girl in her school and had many friends and close associates. Sheltered and protected, she was unprepared for how harsh reality could be.  Assaulted by her boyfriend and his friends she was left broken and betrayed her world shattered.  In the depths of her despair she found a letter addressed to her in her father’s study.  It was a letter from Oswald asking her to come in for an interview. 

Upon meeting with Oswald she was asked why she wanted to join the Cygen program and was informed that if she lied she would be denied no matter what.  Through tears of anger and helplessness she recanted the events of recent days finishing with her desire to make them pay for what they had done.  She was shocked when Oswald accepted and told her he would give her 24 hours upon her awakening to seek vengeance on those who wronged her.

Waking up as a Cygen Aria found herself unguarded and easily able to slip out to take her revenge.  Using her newfound power to control heat, she burned down half a city block as well as club sixty six where her assault had originally taken place.  After killing all three of her attackers she surrendered quietly to authorities and has been docile ever since…..

Ethnicity : European