It is sometime in the second Millennium. Garrett Oswald, a brilliant scientist, manages to find a means to combine organic and inorganic tissue. This is accomplished through the injection of a special compound that he calls “U”. With the assistance of a highly sophisticated computer running specialized software implanted in the back of the human brain, a subject can learn to completely control their own cells at will. This allows them to remove usual human limitations such as a finite lifespan, irreparable neural injuries, and susceptibility to disease. The end goal was to send these cyborgs to colonize new worlds in the name of expansion and exploration. Shiki, a near perfect specimen of humanity, becomes the first successful cyborg.

However, when the same process is attempted on a male, unexpected results occur. The man is transformed; his mind subsumed into the program and his body merging with and encasing itself in metal, becoming incapable of reproduction and turning him into a emotionless machine. As a result, the cyber-genesis project is reclassified as a military application to produce tools for the United States government. Instead of giving these subjects names, they are given armor classes and IDs. Shiki is given the classification: “Omega”. To society at large they do not exist, but are merely secret tools of the government, not even considered truly human.

Following a string of successes and shortcomings, several new cyborgs emerge, and mankind is on its way to a new golden age.