About Us

The TEAM ROA, the brains behind the game.

Damina MossDamian Moss

The Lead Designer of Constancy: Roa, he handles the story, concepts, characters, and mostly how the story plays out.  If you want to know any general questions about Constancy: Roa he’ll be the one to answer them.  Additionally he does sprite work and did the sprite sheet for Roa herself.

a68911e561cb149abf32633ef5d89fbf_largeAbram Lenten

Aside from having the most Christian name ever, Abster (Pronounced “Abe-ster”) is the programmer for Constancy:  Roa.  He is an avid gamer and a hardcore fan of video games from the 80s and 90s.   Who else would spend his time during school drawing maps for various 2d platformers?  He has coded programs in various languages for nearly a decade, but is most familiar with C++.  He will be around to answer your technical questions.

John Silver

The Mysterious Polish Art Director quality control for Constancy: Roa, makes sure everything looks great even fixing things no one would ever notice.

Alex and Cory Brown
< Our musicians! These two will bring you the great music you hear in Constancy: Roa.
Hermann Malapit

He’s our website designer, he takes care of anything related to that. Does other various stuff too.

About Heavy Cat Multimedia

Heavy Cat Multimedia has been around for 17 years and have provided several complete games that can be found on Steam!  They are fully committed to seeing Constancy: Roa through to the end and have not only provided everything from backgrounds, sprites, concepts, and a lot of the art on this page, but have also gone out of their way to help us even further in the future.  They’re great people and want Constancy: Roa to happen as much as we do!  Visit their website for more info on these awesome people.

Voice Actresses

We have a few of our cast already decided on.

Amber Lee Connors

She voices Aria.  Known most recently for voicing Ginger in the independent classic Dust: an Elysian Tail.

Laura Post

She voices Ishida.  Known for providing a voice for Valentine in Skullgirls.

Apphia Yu

Voice for Adama.  She is a regular contributor under Funimation, and has also played roles with sakevisual, Winter Wolves, and Tycoon Games.

We have several other people in mind for roles they are waiting to see how things go however.


Constancy: Roa has the support of the following great people.  Look for their channels on youtube!


Reviewer in training, posting Let’s Plays and Reviews on Youtube, Blistered Thumbs & That Guy With The Glasses!

Check out his GView of Constancy:  Roa here!



Partner of TheNextGamerNetwork. he plays various games of all sorts, does speedruns, and is generally a great all around guy.


This guy has one of the biggest appetites for pain the youtube world has ever known.  He will be our guinea pig for testing the game’s hardest difficulties.

They will be providing beta-testing, promoting us, and answering gameplay related questions when needed.  If you want to know how Constancy: Roa is going turn to any of these great guys!